Street Cred Media

Established in 2006 and originating from OOH, Billboard and transit advertising industry, Street Cred Media specialises in 'vehicular advertising programs' ...and related services.

Street Cred Media has over 5 years experience in the OOH industry, specializing in brand building distribution solutions into townships, mobile billboards, taxi, bus branding and building wraps/hoardings, thus the evolution into mega mobile branding opportunities in the form of trucks. As one of South Africa's leading 'mobile media' outdoor advertising companies...
With access to a distribution fleet of over 4 000 trucks which can be branded and utilised as mega mobile billboards on a daily basis nationally. These trucks operate in "local and long distance" populated urban markets during daytime hours with various means of tracking for verification of flighting adverts.

Truck advertising, a larger-than-life mobile billboard solution which - quite literally - drives your message to your customers. It is a medium which people simply cannot ignore, it can't be turned off, changed, or flicked past and it will attract new "economically active" audiences every day...

What ever coverage you need to achieve, we can deliver, Just think of us as "an extended area transit branding system" . . . with BIG MESSAGES!

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