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Your ads on working delivery trucks offer the following outdoor benefits: Excellent, "Intrusive" Visibility. Everywhere, on streets and highways, business parks and shopping malls. Achieve greater reach with the frequency of regular routes. Achieve exposure where other outdoor mediums never go.

Excellent Branding. Be seen where not expected. Appear "established" even if you're new, or simply look Larger than life. Lower Cost and Cost Per Impression. Achieve up to + 40,000 impressions daily* for less per month than one small newspaper ad. Targeted Campaigns. Most delivery trucks have established daily routes allowing you to target the area or communities you want to reach. Extreme proliferation of media outlets = high expense to market mass brands effectively.

Target audiences are highly mobile therefore advertising on trucks offers a cost-effective mass marketing tool that has extensive reach coupled with mobile flexibility and high impact with an ability to take your message nationwide to a cross section of SA's population.

It is a medium which people simply cannot ignore it can't be turned off, changed, or flicked past and it will attract new "economically active" audiences every day!

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